14 May 2015

#BuqoYA3 : The First Time They Met (Excerpt + Interview + Giveaway)

Buqo YA Bundle 3: Finding Fairytales

We all want the happy ending, the dream come true. But what if it doesn’t happen? How far would you go to get that “ever after?” Would you change who you are? Would you swallow your pride? Is the story really going to be as perfect as you think? Follow the path of these characters and see where they lead.

The First Time They Met by Ana Valenzuela

What’s making Mayumi anxious on her best friend’s birthday party?

Is it her long time best friend Marie? Marie is now in college, and Mayumi starts to doubt their friendship as Marie meets new people and gets closer to them.

Or is it this basketball player named Micah? A guy she recently met and who has turned into an overnight confidant.


“Can I ask you for something?”
“Sure, anything,” Micah was standing now, on her left, his back on the tree.
“Could we wait for the sunrise?”
He looked down on her as he nodded.
“It’s a photographic cliché, sunrise and sunset,” she said. “For me, the sun rising actually isn’t. It’s a different experience when you see the sun wake up instead of it seeing you get out of bed like everybody else. It’s the start of a new day, and that’s what makes it beautiful.”
“The first day,” he sounded like he just laughed. He folded his knees as he sat next to her.  “I’ll wait with you.”

Butterflies flew inside Mayumi’s stomach as she stammered, “great play, by the way.”

The Power of Three : Ana Valenzuela

(一) Top three inspirations for The First Time They Met
Best friends

(二) Top Three Authors I Admire 
George RR Martin, I am a Game of Thrones nerd. Now, I think I'm more of A Song of Fire and Ice gorl rather than the series;
Mina V. Esguerra, she writes wonderful stories that makes me feel all light inside;
And the other one is, ssh!! (Secret lang) Cara McKenna. Hahaha! Recently discovered her work because of a friend who I was taking Mina's class with.

(三) Top three things I things I consumed while writing


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