10 May 2015

#BuqoYA3 : Fall For Grace (Review + Interview + Giveaway)

Buqo YA Bundle 3: Finding Fairytales

We all want the happy ending, the dream come true. But what if it doesn’t happen? How far would you go to get that “ever after?” Would you change who you are? Would you swallow your pride? Is the story really going to be as perfect as you think? Follow the path of these characters and see where they lead.

Fall for Grace by Anne Plaza

Aso’t pusa, away-bati…
Sino sa inyo ang unang aamin?

Meet Grace Almeda—the darling of Luna East Arts Academy—maikukumpara sa isang artista sa hitsura, reputasyon, at katarayan. At heto si Jason Jacinto—the resident school genius—kilala rin sa pagiging go-to person ng mga estudyanteng problemado sa pag-aaral. Nang magkabanggaan ang kanilang maliit at magkaibang mundo, napilitan si Grace na hingin ang tulong ni Jason sa isang mala-life or death na sitwasyon. Mukha ngang pumuti na ang uwak dahil dumating ang araw na kinailangan ni Little Miss Spoiled Brat si Boy Genius. Pero ang hindi alam ni Grace ay may dahilan ang lahat sa likod ng pang-aasar at pambubwisit ni Jason. At sa ‘di inaasahang pangyayari, may isang mahuhulog ang loob para sa isang naghihintay lang ng tamang pagkakataon.


I super enjoyed this story! 

The characters were very well-developed. Right off, you get a handle on Grace. She's the typical rich kid . . . vain, self-centred, and a bit shallow. She's confident in who / what she is and she feels entitled to things 'normal' people wouldn't even dream of. Grace's fall from the Elite, and her adjustment as a 'normal person' were very well described. I really empathised with her shame and totally admired her resilience.

And Jason . . . there were just times na gusto ko na syang kurutin. He was so torpe, it was cute! Hahaha! I also thought that his friends, Max and Floyd balanced him out nicely. But I enjoyed the little details . . . like descriptions of his mom's cooking, his sisters' teasing, and how conscious he was of the state of his room when Grace visited . . . all very relate-able situations.

I believe things happen for a reason. And I think that the tragedy that befell Grace's family made them stronger. It made them see past their material existence. Moreover, it paved the way for Jason and Grace to be together. Lots of lessons and lots of kilig in this fun story!

The Power of Three : Anne Plaza

() Top three inspirations for Fall For Grace

       Luna East Arts Academy / Sweet Valley High - the fictional school I wrote about in an anthology, while the other is a fictional school where the first one was loosely based on and is one of my most influential reads as a teen
       Andi Eigenmann & Enchong Dee - my fancast for the main characters Grace and Jason
       Nazareth School, Manila - my high school (it exists!) where all the hugot feels came from for this novella

() Top Three Authors I Admire

The personality and work ethic of these authors are the things that I admire most about them. I'd like to think they're my benchmark for success as everyone else can see the success they've reaped in their writing careers. The hard work they put behind every effort is something I want to replicate in my own career as a writer.
       Mina V. Esguerra - The woman is prolific and inspires a lot of people to fulfill their dream to write. She also has mad organization skills which is something I aspire to have. 
       Marian Tee - She's able to write full time and make a living out of it. I want to reach that level in the next few years.
       Kate Evangelista - Aside from being published internationally (another goal I want to achieve sometime soon), Kate's such a fun person to be with. Ask anyone. :)

() Top three things I things I consumed while writing

       Coffee, the elixir of life.
       Water, because I'd have a splitting headache if I get too dehydrated.
Chips or sweets, because I just need to chew on something while my mind wanders


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