21 April 2016

#AprilFeelsDay Feels

It's been almost a week, but I still have an #AprilFeelsDay hangover. Dayum.
Almost didn't make it---the babysitter I’d engaged flaked out on me at the last minute. Good thing my brother-in-law came to the rescue.
And I got lost. Wahaha! Was supposed to meet people at Megamall and got off at the wrong station and ended up walking a good ten minutes in the scorching heat. But all’s well, we were able to get to the venue on time :-)

+ + +
I volunteered to do tarot readings, so I was in another world most of the time, but that didn't prevent me from being affected by the live readings and hooting my approval along with the rest of the crowd.
I’d planned to read the tarot for at least 25 people. After all, I’d once done 43 in one sitting. In the future, I have to remember that that record was twenty-two years ago---I was younger and more resilient. Plus I had beer and the rave party was during the nighttime. So to the people I was unable to do readings for, will do so next time! Pinky promise! :-) And will probably restrict myself to ten (or less depending on temperatures. Hahaha!) next time. Hahaha!
Other people have written better recaps than I ever will, so I’ll just stick to things I have learned from the event:
(1) Buy books early. Because they sell out FAST. Geez, I was right beside the table selling books the whole time, but still, I missed out on some titles! If you reserved books directly from the authors, get them before the event starts. If you’re an author, keep a list of people who reserved stuff, because you’ll forget in the crush;
(2) Take pictures! Or jump up when someone points a camera. Hahaha! The latter is me because I refuse to commute with a smartphone and my low-tech phone camera is simply . . . well, low-tech. So thanks to people who’ve been tagging me :-) Appreciate it;
(3) Say hi to people when you have a chance. Because it was such a crush, it was hard to reconnect with people at the other end of the room. Hahaha!
(4) Stay for the readings. I was supposed to go home early. Then British Gio happened. Homaygath. Factor that in. Hahaha; and
(5) Eat. Holy kamote. Discovered the buffet only after the readings. Dyosko, I still have major waffle hangover!
It was also pretty surreal to have ‘history’ with people I’d met for the first time. Hahaha! I must’ve said “It’s great to finally meet you!” a gazillion times! But I really, really enjoyed myself! Can’t wait for the next event!

+ + +

Thanks to everyone who bought print copies of When Cocoy Became Kikay and Be Careful What You Wish For! Hope you enjoy them!

+ + +

Thanks to everyone who stopped to say hi! And to the kind souls who made paypay during the worst of the afternoon heat. Aylabyuporeber!