16 January 2015

Sugar Rush!

It's the second day since I've seen this video and I still cannot get over it. Hahaha!

Adam Levine. Sigh.

But seriously, that was a really nice thing to do! I bet all those couples were tickled pink to have him crash their wedding party. I know I would.

I actually told my husband I wish we had been married in LA on 6 December last year. 

And yes, nabatukan ako ng bonggang bongga.

And oh, we just celebrated 10 years of married bliss last December. Hahaha!


Gosh, I've listened to this song so much that I heard my youngest belting "Sugar! Yes please!" as he ran down the hallway a while ago.


After watching the video for the nth time…

Me: Grabe, one of those brides looked like she wanted to lunge at Adam
Hubby: Oo nga e
Me: God, I understand. I'd totally do that. (after a few minutes) If ever I do that hon, I apologise in advance.
Hubby: Don't worry, it's ok. I'll even apologise to Adam after I've peeled you off him

Hahaha! That's love and support for you :-)


I'm actually writing a story with Adam as a peg ;-) It's called Dare to Love Dangerously and it's set in Laguna, Philippines. Please check it out if you've time. I'd really appreciate hearing your feedback. Cheers!


Okay … one last view of the video before I sleep … Zzzzz …
Have a good weekend everybody!

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