12 January 2015

90s flashback!

We are all stardust :-)

Happy New Year everybody! :-)

Any plans for the coming year? I signed up for Mina V. Esguerra's YA writing class for the first quarter of the year. Yay! So very excited about it! She's been emailing us reading and viewing lists and I've really enjoyed them so far. 

Me: Hon, I've got to watch some movies for that class I'm doing...
Hubby: Okay, what do you need to watch?
Me: Clueless, She's all that, 10 Things I hate about you, She's the One, Before Sunrise ...
Hubby: Huh? E diba kabisado mo na yun? (But don't you already know those by heart?)
Me: I might have missed something ...
Hubby: *rolls eyes* Fine. 

Heehee. So I just needed an excuse to review some of my fave college-era movies. (Obviously the hubby is not a rom com fan, but he has no choice but put up with me)

It was just lovely to revisit all those great movies!

Before Sunrise has always been one of my faves. Skipping over the yumminess that is Ethan Hawke, I just love the whole rambling script! It has always been one of the things I wished had happened to me. Heehee. On one of my first trips to Europe I took the Eurail from Zurich to Vienna. I attended a conference in St. Gallen and decided to go on a side trip before returning to Tokyo. I didn't really think I'd see an Ethan Hawke doppelgänger, but you never know when you could get lucky, right? Alas, nada. But I had fun in Vienna anyway :-) Although my Tito and Tita were lost whenever I'd go, "This is the bridge where they asked for directions!" or "This is the Ferris wheel they saw the Danube from!" Hahaha!

And Clueless! As if! Whatever!

And Freddie Prinze Jr.!

Oh darn. I think I should've been paying more attention to the plot. Hahaha!


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