12 January 2015

Getting artsy (again)

It's so much fun to be working with my hands again!

So, I know I've been saying this for ages, but Ana and Ken's story will be out on Smashwords by the end of the month. The whole manuscript has been edited and laid out. And in honor of it all, I'm revamping the cover (Yay!).

I asked Odette, a good blog buddy, to do the calligraphy for the title while I played around with the graphics. I had my heart set on something Art Deco / Alphonse Mucha-ish, but decided on something simpler instead. A couple of friends and I even did a fun photo shoot and some artist friends offered to do the cover, but in the end I decided that the images in my head would translate better through my own hands. The one above is a sneak peek of the production process---from pencil sketch, to edited photoshop
image. I'll reveal the final copy that I did on Illustrator soon :-)

But in the meantime, don't you think these two look sweet? Heehee. 

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