28 August 2013

Leave it up to Fate: Chapter 29

Chapter 29

“I was thinking of importing cherry blossom branches for the church…”

“It’s not really the season for sakura, Mama.” I reasoned over the phone. As usual, she had called to discuss wedding arrangements. For the past 2 weeks, I had approved color swatches, looked over menu and song lists, and been measured at least once.

“Hm, you’re right.” My mom mused. “I was thinking of using them to decorate the pews so we’d have something like a canopy as you walk down the aisle. You know, like what Juday had for her wedding.”

I rolled my eyes, I had no idea what Juday did for her wedding.

“Can you see if you can get some at Tokyu Hands?” She asked. “They’ve lovely artificial ones there.”

“Fine, Mama. I’ll email you as soon as I’ve gone.” With my mom, it was easier to just keep on agreeing.

“So how is Ken doing?”

“He’s busy finishing up several filming commitments to clear his schedule.” I told her. Ken was in Nara shooting a period film. I hadn’t seen much of him since our engagement party, but he called every day. He was due back today and I hoped to have a little talk with him later this weekend.

She sighed. “I’m really am happy that you’re getting married Ana. Your Dad and I have always worried about you. We’re really glad that you now have Ken to take care of you.”

I bit back the retort that I was able to take care of myself and fidgeted guiltily. It was a good thing Mama couldn’t see me. “I thought that Dad was still against everything.” I commented. Daddy hadn’t said five words to me since I had dropped the bombshell on them.

“Oh he was, up until your engagement party in fact. But Ken paid him a visit after and they had nice talk and sorted it all out.”

“Ken did what?” I choked.

“Oh, I forgot, he did say not to tell you. You worry overmuch about the littlest things dear. Now forget I said anything and instead, why don’t you think about the centerpiece choices I sent you. I still like the ikebana one with mirrors…”

I let my mind wander as Mom continued to prattle on. I couldn’t imagine Ken with my dad without the latter erupting into violence or at least a show of hysterics. And now Daddy was actually resigned to our marriage? What the hell had Ken told my father?!

After Mom had rung off a few minutes later, I strayed over to the kitchen to see what Kaye was doing. In a fit of domesticity, she was actually baking cookies.

“Hoy Ana, you’ve been staring into space for at least 10 minutes now. What’s up?” Kaye asked after a while. 

“Nothing’s up.”

Kaye raised an eyebrow. “Spit it out. You know you’ll tell me eventually anyway.”

I don’t know why I suddenly felt like venting; but suddenly, the words gushed forth like a hemorrhage. I told Kaye everything—from what the Ai and Takashi had told me 2 weeks ago, to what my mom had said about Ken and my dad.

“So let me know if I got this right,” Kaye said when I finished my recital. “You’re feeling guilty because you’re deceiving your parents and marrying a guy who you don’t think loves you because he’s still hooked on a girl you inadvertently made him break up with. You’re also scared that you’re ruining your life and you’re terrified to death of admitting your feelings. Have I got everything?”

“In a nutshell.” I confirmed. “Oh Kaye, what should I do?”

“How should I know?” Kaye went back to decorating her cookies. “But I do know if I were you I’d go and see Ken and hash this all out before we got married.” She looked directly at me. “The sooner, the better. Then you’ll know what to do.” When she saw my hesitation, she said more gently, “This isn’t a shotgun wedding Ana. No one’s forcing you to do anything. But you’re an adult and you’ve evaded the issues long enough. You owe it to yourself to find out the truth.” Kaye sighed. “Ana, you asked for someone to love. Fate has handed you that someone. You ask for water and God gives you rain—do you ask for a glass too? ”

I smiled. “Kaye, when did you become so wise?”

She shrugged and turned back to her cookies. “I don’t know; I was probably born this way.”

I was laughing as I closed the front door.

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