13 March 2015

Writing spaces

Where do you write? :-)

When we moved into our apartment last year, I made sure I had space to work. I repurposed our old dining table into a desk. I was really excited because it meant I had a large place to write, draw, and create. What I had failed to take into consideration is that it's really hard to work when you've a toddler who insists on climbing on your lap and wreaking havoc on whatever you're doing. So although I still draw at my desk at times when my little elves are kind enough to take naps, I've decided to move my laptop somewhere I can actually write. Thus it now sits on top of my bread maker in the small hallway between the kitchen and dining room. This way, I manage to get a few words down while preparing food or while surreptitiously supervising the kids' play in the living room. And because of its rather precarious position, I am forced to write standing up and I find I can concentrate better instead of procrastinating on FaceBook, etc. It's actually perfect for word sprints :-) I'm thinking of repositioning the pin board I have over my desk here so it'll officially be a 'work area,' but I rather enjoy the temporal quality of the space. 

What about you, where do you write? :-)

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