14 September 2011


So sorry for the long absence!

Some updates:
- The book is finished and I did manage to trim it down to approximately 25,000 words
- Partly the reason for the edit was that I submitted the book to a publisher to be considered for publication
- However, I've been asked to change a few things that have resulted in the story morphing into something different; this is supposed to be a trilogy of books, one each for Ana, Kaye, and Tessa, but I seriously wonder if I don't have enough on my plate at the moment
- So in the end, I decided to post the original in it's entirety for purposes of posterity
- I'll try to post the whole thing soon! Only 2 more chapters to go!

hugs and thanks for your patience! Keep reading The Japayuki Chronicles


1 comment:

Ann said...

omg omg omg! ^^ yey you're back! ^^
Yey for the book! Do tell me when it will be published, coz I'm definitely buying!!! ^^