16 February 2011

commercial break


I know I was supposed to post the last remaining chapters of Ana and Ken's story. I'm really sorry (I'm not flaking) but since the dawn of the new year, I've been swamped with work (which is not necessarily a bad thing, right?), and I just haven't had time.

Here's what I've been busy with.

Anyway, enough of me. I've decided to try and trim the whole thing down to 25,000 words --- no mean feat when I've got around 80,000+ to edit. Wahaha! It's been cathartic editing my own work; sometimes there are things that I would have written differently, or deleted altogether, there are also times when I mentally scream at myself to just shut up and get to the point. But I guess that's what editing is for, right?

So what's everybody busy with? ;-)


Ann said...

Hi girl! ^^ Like you I've been so busy with work too---and don't worry about the story---I'm sure it will be worth the wait, ^^

Ragamuffin Kawaii said...

Hi! Its me again, your ever selfish demanding reader ;). As what have Ann said, we do think its worth waiting for sooo...ahem uhm... GANBATE!(>o<)/ Fyt-o with your work and stay healthy *pra mka update (snicker)* Bookmarked your blog for updating! God Bless! (o^^)o