29 July 2010

book meme

I don't normally post memes on this blog, but since this one was related to books and whatnot, it seemed appropriate ;-)


1. What books sparked your interest in reading? Meaning, what books first took reading from being a forced activity to being an enjoyable pastime for you?

Reading was never a forced activity for me; I have always loved to read. When I was little, I loved being read to before going to bed. My lolo finally set a quota of 2 books (the books were fairly short and loaded with pictures) per night because his throat had started to hurt and he had to have a glass of water nearby. I have always loved children's fairy tales, but i was lucky enough to have enjoyed a wide variety of reading materials. My parents and grandparents love to read too, and lolo had subscriptions to readers digest and national geographic which got me interested in art, architecture and archaeology. Mama and lola were into romances, which I was barred from reading (but finally got through to in high school), papa was into classics, thrillers and political novels and my cousins were into comic books.

2. Which three books have most changed your life (in a practical, tangible way)?

- since the emphasis was put on practical and tangible, the first thing I thought about were the SRAs. I know they're not really books per se, but they trained me to better my reading speed and comprehension.
- Intentions in Architecture by Christian Norberg-Schulz. Readings on architectural theory weren't required at uni and this book helped open my eyes to the nuances expressed by forms (sorry, nerdy segue)
- Phd comics by Jorge Cham, because they showed me that I'm not the only insane person on this planet.

3. Which three books (outside of the Bible) have most shaped your thoughts on God?

I don't really read religious literature, but have always loved reading about the lives of saints. I remember, when I was a kid I had Christian picture books about Jesus when He was young; these somehow made me feel closer to Him. Oh, and I particularly remember the comic book on the life of Delia Tetrault (which was kind of required reading at school).

4. Which book(s), if any, have you intentionally read more than once?

I read all my books more than once. Juls even says I discuss them as if they really happened (affected!) I particularly remember re-reading the Prodigal Daughter and As the Crow Flies, both by Jeffrey Archer. During my dissertation I re-read Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead (feeling!) for inspiration. And I can practically recite all the Harry Potter books.

5. Which three books would you recommend to someone who's looking for something to read?

Depends. What is he/she interested in?

6. Which three books do you plan to have your kids read?

The Chronicles of Narnia (To inspire their imagination)
A little history of the world (History is always exciting and Gombrich tells it so well)
Tell Me Why - The Answers to Hundreds of Questions Children ask (To arouse their curiosity and challenge them to figure things out)

I think I'll save Harry Potter for when they're a bit older.

7. Books that stand out in your family

I can't think of one singular book that defines my family since we all love to read and have different tastes.
Juls and I however have, since the Da Vinci Code, become addicted to books with period settings, that focus on architecture and art, like those of Ross King or the Sahdow of the Wind by Carlos Zafon. We also love fantasy books, although my tastes run to the lighter side of the genre.

8. A book that made you cry

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks was a particular tearjerker.
But I cry over books (and movies, and commercials) easily. I even cry whenever I read Judith Mcnaught's A Kingdom of Dreams or her Almost Heaven.

9. A book that scared you

Hands-down, its The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I still haven't met anyone who's finished the damned thing. Melba is giving it a try now.

10. A book that made you laugh

The Pugad Baboy series by Pol Medina. Whenever I read one I just cannot stop laughing. Sometimes on the train some Japanese edge away from me, thinking I'm a crazy person (I am, but that's another story altogether)

11. A book that disgusted you

Okay, this is really weird, but what first popped into my mind were memories of going through an edition of National Geographic when I was younger that was devoted to the internal organs (complete with full page, full color pictures of bloody masses).It was a scientific article of course, but it completely swore me off ever becoming a doctor.

Ooooh and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. That was just sad.

12. A book you loved in elementary/primary school

Nerdy, but I loved the book Tell me Why and the compilation of Johnny Wonder clippings my mom kept for me.
I also remember the book The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Little Golden Treasures edition) was the first ever book I read. well, not exactly, I had lolo read it to me so many times that I managed to memorize the whole thing and surprised everybody one day by reciting the book to them. I was three or four. Go figure ;-)

13. A book you loved in middle school (yrs 5, 6, 7, 8 )

I loved the Nancy Drew series and tried to collect as much as I could. I also loved Archie comics and Pippi Longstocking.

14. A book you loved in high school

Heehee. aaminin ko na. I read Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High. My friends were into Sweet Dreams, but I liked the continuity of the Sweet Valley series. I also discovered Marvel comics at this time.

15. A book you loved in college

I discovered romances in college (read: bodice-rippers), the works: Lindsey, Mcnaught, Garwood, my mom's entire Mills and Boon collection. I even read the book where she got my name; it was titled the Unwanted Wife (scary!)

16. Any more favorites?

The Harry Potter series
The Brothers Grimm
Babar the elephant
The Mythology Class by Arnold Arre
the Modern Language of Architecture by Bruno Zevi
Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture by Robert Venturi
Phd Comics by Jorge Cham
A Study on Bipolarity in the Architecture of Leandro V. Locsin by CPSanti (wahahahah! sorry, couldn't resist)

17. What are you currently reading?

I'm now reading the Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series, bits and pieces of Martin Heidegger's Being and Time, while trying to wade through Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth.

18. What’s your family reading?

Last time I checked, the hubby was reading Super Freakonomics and キンダーム manga. P-chan is currently enamored of his cloth book.

19. Do you read the newspaper? What sections do you read?

Yes I do. Or at least I used to. Headlines, comics, editorials, and entertainment. In that order.

20. Do you have an Amazon wishlist? What's on top of your list?

Yes I do ;-) I've a list a mile long, but lately I've been wanting to read something about Napoleon, the Romanovs, and Audrey Hepburn's biography.


Fellow bibliophiles, what about you? ;-)


claire said...

wow, i'm so glad to meet you.. it's nice to learn more about you through this meme.. i'll definitely tag myself with this as soon as i find time... and i'm reading your book too (i'm now on chapter 3 :).. i'm having a great time! thanks for the recent visit too... :)

Cecile said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Kaye :-); was looking for your Sunday smile entry but couldn't find it :-)

claire said...

by the way, is it ok if i link you or if i put your logo on my site? that way i can easily read your novel anytime with just one click?! thanks!

Ann said...

Hi=). I also cry everytime i read Almost HEaven!=).
Oh..have you read Once and Always? It was the first ever J. Mcnaught book that I read and the first one to ever make me cry too...

I'm so excited for your next chapter!=)

cpsanti said...

@ Claire, thanks very much for dropping by! Sure, I'd be honored to have my logo on your page. Feel free to repost the meme, it's especially for bookworms ;-)

@ Cecille, Thanks for the visit too!

@ Ann, yes, I've read it. I love almost all of her work. Have you tried Elaine Coffman? Her books are tearjerkers too.

Bea said...

Pugad Baboy is hilarious and a classic FIlipino treasure :)

B from A plus B

Denise said...

hi dear! thanks for dropping by my blog!

and about the tan flats, yes I got themat divioria,particularly at tutuban mall.

Simone's Closet

Ann said...

I have some Ebooks of Elaine Coffman but haven;t gotten around to reading yet. This weekend I'd definitely read one,=).

Oh, and I Love Pugad Baboy too! I so love pinoy humor haha,

Chyng said...

wow, book worm.. baka manosebleed ako pag ako sumagot nyan.. hihi

evey ♥ said...

Hey! Hi.. its my first to visit ur site and wow i didn't know your a novelist and really amazing work,i see ur website includes ur work so am excited to scan all of it! :) I love reading but unfortunately my books are shouting out loud that i shd give time for them LOL, its just that i can't catch up some time.. But hey i got so interested with that series your working..let me check it one of this days! :) Btw, thanks for dropping by my site, its my pleasure you like visiting, hope to see u more! For now more power to you work.. see yah!

Happy Trails said...

oh my! love your lists ;-) i remember back when i was in my high school i'd go to our municipal library and barrow nancy drew and hardy boys. which reminds me i still owe our public lib a greek mythology book. i never returned it hihi it has been ages ;-)