28 June 2010

Character profile: Kaye

Hi guys! As I've done with Ana and Ken, here's Kaye's character profile. She's actually one of my fave characters in the series. Hope you like her too ;-)


Name: Katrina Maghari

Nickname: Kaye, Kat

Birthday: 22 November 1980

Age: 29

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Color: Blue (but secretly likes pink)

Eyes and Hair: Brown eyes; Long, wavy, black hair

Height: 168 cm

Body type: full-figured; think: coke bottle with oomph (although she has to exercise a lot to keep in shape)

Food: lots of meat and veggies; steak with pinakbet, qwek-qwek, potato chips, adobo and ginisang munggo, dies for danggit, chocolate ice cream, alcohol (is that even a food group?)

Occupation: Manager at a Japanese executive headhunting firm

Interests: Badminton, running, shopping, clubbing, cooking up a storm at home, going out with people

Dislikes: brats like Marga, bossy and domineering people (people a bit like herself actually), cheats and swindlers

Family: Family based in Manila; the eldest of 5 siblings; Dad (Jose) used to be a construction worker, but now runs his own small hardware store, Mom (Lina) is a housewife, brothers Jose Jr. and Kris are IT engineers, sister Jessie is a college sophomore, and youngest Celeste is in highschool.

Inspiration behind Kaye’s character:

Kaye's a regular "Tetsu no onna" or iron lady.

Kaye’s character is inspired by the dozens of students whom I’ve met in Tokyo, who are all working hard to better their (and their family’s) circumstances. Most of the people who come to Japan for Masters or Phds end up going back home to work at universities, but some choose to stay and enter the Japanese workforce (especially students in the vocational and technical high school programs). These are the people who, aside from spending hours studying, have taken the time to learn the language and customs of their host country and are equipped to adapt to working in it.

Kaye is the same. Her family isn’t as wealthy as Ana’s or Jon’s but she’s got loads of ambition. She believes that people get what they work for and thus dislikes lazy people or those who complain about their lot without doing anything. Kaye loves bullying people into doing what she thinks is right, but dislikes being dictated to.

She has a very cynical nature, and tries very hard to squash down her innate romanticism. Unlike Ana, who has led a rather chaste existence in Tokyo, Kaye is a player. She loves dating and meeting new people. However, she has very high standards and gets disappointed when the men she dates don’t live up to them. She also dislikes dishonesty and cheating in relationships, and is quite unforgiving when she finds out that someone is such.

What I like most about Kaye’s character is that she’s got a lot of heart (although she works hard to maintain a bato-bato image). Typically Scorpio, she’s intensely loyal and protective towards her friends and she’ll scratch the eyes out of anyone who crosses them. She also spends part of her time volunteering for a thousand and one causes and trying to get the local Filipino community organized. She forever complains about people and politics, but her inner idealism makes her strive to continue to search and fight for a better world ~ just as although she doesn't care to believe in fairy tales, she secretly hopes that Piolo Pascual will one day ride by on his white horse and carry her away.


sakura said...

hello hello...character kaye here is so much like me--- blue (but secretly loves pink)...keepin up the bato-image...loves kwek kwek...the coke with an ooomph figure...and piolo!...raaarrrr!!! i'd be reading --- don't care much about punctuations and capitalizations (obviously)---keep it up!

cpsanti said...

Hahaha! So glad that you can relate to Kaye, Sakura ;-) She's one of my fave characters in the series. Thanks for the visit!