12 March 2009

Taym Pers: Thank you shoutout

Hi guys! I just wanted to post a quick shoutout to everybody who reviewed the first 9 chapters. I really, really aprreciate all your feedback and comments ;-) Thanks for taking the time to pore over my long-winded ramblings ;-)

You'll be glad to know that I'm taking your comments seriously; I have revised some of the chapters below. So if you'd care to look back, you'll see the flow is much smoother. I haven't had time to cut down my overly-verbose sentences, although I promise to try to. Hehehe. Madaldal lang talaga ako.

Hugs and kisses to Issa, Goy, A+Z Causo, Sheng, Odette, Mhell, and Juls ;-) Thanks again!


-ellesig- said...

its weird reading from the bottom of the page.. hehe..

i just started reading. nakakatakot naman ireview.. :)

sana wag nman ako ma-excite at basahin agad ung chapter 12.

cpsanti said...

wow, thanks for taking the time to read it ;-) i hope you enjoy it!