27 March 2009

Taym Pers: Reading made easier!

Hey guys! Heehee. Some of you have commented that it's kind of odd reading from the bottom up, so I fixed things up to make it a bit easier. The chapters are still in the same order, but to make reading easier, click at the "Go to the next chapter" link at the end of each chapter ;-)



-ellesig- said...

nice.. thankyou thankyou!

cpsanti said...

you're welcome ;-) hope it helps!

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

elow!..add kita sa bloglist ko ha..:)

Blue Rose said...

hi caryn, just finish reading the overview. medyo busy kasi ang lola mo. hehehe. i think i'll gonna enjoy reading the rest.

keep writing sweetie. aantabayanan ko to til the end. promise!

cpsanti said...

hi ever! sure, salamat sa pagdaan! ;-)

blue rose! thanks for dropping by! hope you enjoy it! hehehe ;-)